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The Veolia ES Technical Solutions-Trade Waste Incineration (Veolia-TWI) Sauget, Illinois facility is a 35-acre site, of which 25-acres are used for active hazardous waste management. Veolia-TWI is located in Sauget, Illinois, near St. Louis, Missouri. Veolia-TWI operates two fixed hearth, dual chamber, multi-type feed incinerators and one rotary kiln incinerator. Combined, they are capable of totaling 86 million BTU/hr. The facility currently includes 10 container storage units, 2 tank farms, 3 material processing areas and a drum decant area, as well as a complete analytical laboratory performing all analytical testing required by Veolia-TWI's permit. Veolia-TWI's RCRA Part B permit renewal application was submitted in November, 1997 and was issued an application completeness letter in April, 1998. In 1995, Veolia-TWI gained eligibility to accept wastes from CERCLA (Superfund) sites.

Veolia-TWI can receive waste in drums, hoppers, roll-off boxes, lugger boxes, or cubic yard boxes. Veolia-TWI can provide disposal services, which include:

  • Lab Packs
  • Repacking of Waste
  • Water Reactive Chemicals
  • Oxidizers/Organic Peroxides
  • Pyrophoric Compounds
  • Irritating, Poisonous, Malodorous Material
  • Propellants & Explosives
  • Inorganic Wastes
  • Halogenated Solvents
  • Non-Halogenated Solvents
  • Organic Acids

Unacceptable wastes listed by code can be provided upon request. Incoming wastes are sampled and analyzed according to a formal Waste Analysis Plan (WAP). The WAP includes measures to sample and analyze wastes on-site according to the description of the waste provided by the generator; perform a fingerprint analysis for use on future incoming loads.

Incoming wastes are checked for the following characteristics:

  • Physical State
  • Color
  • Layers
  • Odor
  • Water Mix
  • Gases
  • pH
  • Specific Gravity/Viscosity
  • Ignitibility screen
  • Cyanide screen
  • Sulfide screen
  • PCBs (as required)
  • Heat generation
  • Emulsion
  • Precipitation
  • Chlorine
  • Heat value
  • Radiation screen

Waste samples are taken on an average of one per bulk load and on 10% of drums of waste accepted. In the event wastes do not conform to the description listed on the waste profile sheet, Veolia-TWI personnel notify the generator to reconcile discrepancies. Where possible, profiles are amended by verbal approval by the generator. The return of waste materials occurs only as a last resort where discrepancies cannot be resolved between the facility and the generator.

Veolia-TWI receives two governmental agency inspections each year by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Covered under Veolia-TWI's Facility Inspection Plan are misc. equipment, safety/emergency equipment, security devices, operating/structural equipment, inspections logs, and RCRA regulations (i.e. drum storage, tanks, etc.). There are no CERCLA or corrective actions associated with VeoliaES-TWI.

US EPA ID: ILD098642424
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Advanced Disposal Services has taken over ownership and operations of Veolia’s solid waste business. If you have relied on Veolia for your home or business’s solid waste disposal or recycling services, or are interested in requesting new service, please visit Advanced Disposal’s website for further information

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