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Advanced Disposal Services has taken over ownership and operations of Veolia’s solid waste business. If you have relied on Veolia for your home or business’s solid waste disposal or recycling services, or are interested in requesting new service, please visit Advanced Disposal’s website for further information

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Nuclear Service Offering

Veolia's portfolio of services provided to the nuclear industry includes:

Veolia's Alaron Nuclear Services

For over thirty years, Veolia Environmental Services has been providing a range of speciality services to the nuclear industry at its Alaron Nuclear Services facility in Wampum, Pennsylvania. Strategically located near multiple utitlities and other facilities in the nuclear industry, its an ideal transfer site for soils and debris generated through decommissioning work on the East Coast that are ultimately destined for disposal at a low-level disposal site.

Annually, Veolia processes over a million tons of radioactive material at this facility, including dry active waste, metals, soil, rubble and large components such as turbine rotors and large heat exchangers. 

In addition to processing materials for disposal or recovery, Veolia's Alaron facility extends its NRC licenses as a service to several different companies in the nuclear space. These companies have valued partnerships with Veolia and bring their technical experts to Veolia's facility to work under its licenses.

Alaron Facility

Veolia's Alaron facility offers over 150,000 square feet of indoor space and 15 acres of outdoor strorage space, and is fully equipped to handle jobs of all complexity and size.  The facility has 60-ton and 125-ton overhead cranes, high bay areas, and maintains an integrated rail spur with a run-around and a private switch engine that runs directly into a 9,600 square foot operations building.

Highly-Experienced Team

Veolia's team of highly-experienced technicians are adept at processing radioactive equipment and materials for disposal or recovery.  When recycling or recovery options are viable, Veolia's team will help you realize true recycling by providing decontamination and refurbishment services to remove these items from inventory of radioactive waste liability, and restore them as valuable assets to your company.

Innovative Solutions

Veolia is a proven partner to the nuclear industry, thanks to its long history of service, compliance and innovative solutions.  Read more about how Veolia's Alaron Nuclear Services facility developed a custom solution for the recycling of lead blankets to help a customer in the utility sector reduce disposal costs and increase sustainability.