Marine Support Vessels

Veolia Environmental Services serves the offshore oil and gas industry, as well as other industries in the Gulf of Mexico and inland waterways of North America. Our fleet of marine support vessels enables us to provide a variety of marine services, including subsea construction, platform and pipeline inspection and dredging. 

Advanced Technology on Veolia Marine Support Vessels

Veolia’s marine support vessels carry advanced technologies that enable our teams to complete your project as quickly, safely and accurately as possible.

Veolia marine support vessels feature:

  • Deck and hydramarine cranes
  • Remote operated vehicles (ROVs)
  • Saturation dive systems (SATs)
  • Surface air and surface gas diving systems
  • Moon pools
  • Helipads
  • Crew accommodations
  • State-of-the-art wheel houses with advanced navigation and positioning systems
DSV Kingfisher

Veolia’s dive support vehicle (DSV) Kingfisher is designed to service the offshore oil and gas industry and to support industrial diving.



Built: 1989

Length: 89.98 meters

Accommodations: 70 persons

Helideck: Rated for Super Puma L/L2 helicopters



Deck cranes

  • 50-ton Norlift hydraulic crane
  • TICO deck crane
  • AMCO VEBA 816 crane
  • 1000-foot saturation (SAT) diving system

Triton XLS-17 work-class ROV

MPSV Swordfish

Veolia’s multi-purpose support vehicle (MPSV) Swordfish serves the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world. The Swordfish is DP2-rated and appropriate for saturation diving, subsea construction, rig remediation or decommissioning.  



Built: 2007

Length: 103.7 meters

Accommodations: 100 persons

Max speed: 16+ knots



Moon pool with A-frame

10 person saturation dive (SAT) system:  300 meter rated

Hydramarine cranes

  • HMC-150T active heave compensated, knucke boom crane: 3000 meter-rated
  • HMC-70T active heave compensated, knucke boom crane

Triton XLS 29 and 30 150 HP ROV:  4000 meter-rated

MPSV Viking Poseidon

Veolia’s multi-purpose support vessel (MPSV) Viking Poseidon is a large, multi-purpose, offshore construction support vessel designed for installation, inspection, maintenance and repair of submerged offshore installations, as well as hydrographic survey and well intervention operations.  



Built: 2008

Length: 130 meters

Accommodations: 90 persons

Max speed: 14 knots



Moon pool (flush hatch)

Module handling system

Hydramarine cranes: HMC-250T active heave compensated, knucke boom crane

15-ton electrohydraulic deck crane with folding boom

Triton 150 HP ROVs:  4000 meter-rated

DSV Sir Lancelot

Veolia’s dive support vessel (DSV) Sir Lancelot services oil and gas industry customers by supporting tasks, such as platform inspections. The Sir Lancelot supports surface air and surface gas diving for depths of up to 300 feet and carries an ROV for greater depths.



Built: 2004

Length: 49.38 meters

Accommodations: 22 persons



Palfinger crane: 14-ton knuckle boom

Dive support vessel with 4-point conversion option

Surface air and surface gas diving equipment (to 300 feet)

Inspection ROV (for depths greater than 300 feet)

CSV Normand Pacific

Veolia’s Normand Pacific supports ROV operations, including pipeline and route surveys, geo-technical survey and heavy-lift crane operations. Its advanced features allow it to deploy heavier loads and operate further offshore. In addition, the Pacific was engineered to meet the Carbon Neutral Operations standard, an agreement we’ve made with our customers to work together to reduce the amount of fuel and emissions used on the vessel.



Built: 2010

Length: 120 meters

Accommodations: 120 persons

Max speed: 15 knots



AHC offshore crane

Two deep-water ROVs


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