Metal Catalyst Recycling

This facility is expected to be operational mid 2013.

Veolia Environmental Services has partnered with Oklahoma Materials Recycling (OMR) to offer spent hydrotreating catalyst recycling. New, patented technology has been developed to maximize metal recovery from spent refining hydrotreating catalysts used to remove sulfur and other contaminants from products like gasoline and diesel fuel. Our services are comprehensive and will include:

  • Collection of the spent catalysts from your facility
  • Providing all regulatory required paperwork
  • Transporting the spent catalysts in sealed UN/DOT-approved hazardous material transportation containers to OMR, our partner facility in Atoka, OK
  • Extracting the metals from the catalysts through Advanced Thermal Chemical Reactor (ATCR) technology
  • Selling the extracted metals to steel companies, which use the recycled metals in their production processes
  • Sending a portion of the proceeds to your company

With ATCR technology, spent catalysts are processed efficiently. No liquid discharges are produced, eliminating steps to clean excess liquid waste, and the use of water is minimized throughout the process.

  • Nickel molybdenum (NiMo) catalyst
  • Cobalt molybdenum (CoMo) catalyst
  • Catalyst containing tungsten
  • Maximize returns from spent catalysts with 95% of materials recycled

Veolia’s regulatory experts can provide guidance on the entire process from profiling and container labeling to manifesting, transportation, and recycling.

  • Track regulatory compliance via our Customer Information Management Systems (CIMS)
  • The K171-K172 spent catalyst waste is stored in a covered and secure TSDF permitted storage building prior to recycling
  • Regulatory compliance assured


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