Recycling Industrial Solvents

Veolia Environmental Services can help your organization recycle solvents used in industrial applications, while minimizing waste, transportation and disposal costs. Whether you choose customizable on-site recycling services or off-site services, we offer proven, sustainable processes that help you maintain safety and track regulatory compliance for handling, transfer and recycling.

Delivering 99.5 Percent Purity for Recycled Solvents

Veolia will work with your organization to determine which solvent recycling methods are best for your business. Our qualification process includes:

  • A sample analysis to quantify the content of the waste material including GC/Mass specifications, GC/FID, pH residue upon evaporation and flashpoint
  • Providing recovered product samples that are representative of full-scale production

Because purity is of key importance when solvents are reused in critical applications, Veolia uses the most state-of-the-art technologies, including:

  • Glass fractionating equipment to avoid accidental contamination of high-value solvents
  • Batch fractional distillation columns for mixed solvent separation with high purity results—up to 99.5 percent minimum purity for selected products and a water content of under 500 parts per million
  • Thin film evaporators for solids separation and recovery

On- and Off-Site Programs

Veolia Environmental Services can customize an on-site solvent recycling program that meets your requirements, including the installation and management of recycling equipment. 

When an off-site recycling solution makes more sense for your business, Veolia can help. Our innovative process solutions add value and minimize solvent waste, including:

  • Tolling, which cleans your solvent to predetermined specifications and returns it to your business for reuse, helping you reduce costs 
  • Beneficial reuse, which converts used solvents into products for re-use in manufacturing commerical products, helping you minimize overall waste volumes
  • Reclamation, in which used solvents are cleaned to our specifications and delivered to third parties who use it as a replacement for virgin solvent

Shipping and Receiving Methods for Off-Site Services

  • Mode: Truck or rail
  • Containers: Drums, tanker totes, railcars, isotainers
  • Quantities: Any amount

Veolia offers:

  • Company-owned transportation
  • An audited network of approved third-party transporters
  • Thirty-six 10-day in-transit facilities

One of Veolia's four solvent recovery facilities can provide off-site, solvent recycling services to help your organization minimize waste and maintain regulatory compliance. As required by law, Veolia maintains fully-funded closure plans for these facilities. Our facilities meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, as well as all applicable state regulations.

Azusa, CA

Equipment available:

  • Continuous feed thin film evaporator
  • Batch fractional distillation column 
  • Glass fractional distillation column
  • Vacuum distillation

Henderson, CO

Equipment available:

  • Thin film evaporator with integral fractionation column
  • Batch fractionation column
  • Liquid-liquid extractor
  • Vacuum distillation

Middlesex, NJ

Equipment available:

  • Simple and fractional distillation
  • Thin film evaporation
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Molecular sieve

West Carrollton, OH

Equipment available:

  • Thin film evaporator with integral fractionation column
  • Thin film evaporator
  • Batch fractional distillation column
  • Molecular sieve dryer

Veolia accepts recoverable solvents, including (partial list):

  • Acetic acid                                                      
  • Acetone                                                                         
  • ACN (acetonitrile)                                                       
  • Automotive purge solvent                                      
  • Butanol      
  • D-limonene   
  • Dibasic ester                                                                
  • DMF (dimethylformamide)                                    
  • DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide)                                     
  • Ethanol                                                                          
  • Ethyl acetate                                                               
  • Ethylene glycol                                                           
  • Ethyl lactate                                                     
  • G-butyrolactone (BLO)                                             
  • IPA (isopropyl alcohol)                                             
  • Isoamyl acetate    
  • Propylene glycol
  • Sulfolane
  • THF (tetrahydrofuran)


  • 1.1.1-trichloroethane
  • Trichloroethylene
  • All Asahiklin® solvents
  • All Vertrel® solvents
  • Toluene
  • N-propylene bromide
  • Methylene chloride
  • NEP (n-ethyl pyrrolidone)
  • NMP (n-methyl pyrrolidone)
  • PGMEA (propylene glycol methyl ether acetate)
  • Methanol
  • Fomblin®
  • MED
  • Isobutyl acetate
  • Isopropylacetate
  • Freon® solvents
  • Krytox® oil      

Compliance is a way of life at Veolia Environmental Services.  We can help you:

  • Track regulatory compliance via our Customer Information Management Solutions (CIMS) system
  • Ensure that the handling, transport, recycling, reuse and disposal of all waste products meets state and federal regulations
  • Protect against liability

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