Hazardous Waste Services

Managing the multiple challenges of hazardous waste to satisfy safety, environmental and regulatory directives requires an experienced partner with a proven record in all three areas. From onsite pick-up to final treatment or disposal, Veolia Environmental Services assures safety, environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance by channeling hazardous waste through our network of over 450 company-owned or certified service centers nationwide. These service centers include treatment, recovery and disposal facilities, sales offices and transportation locations.

Safety, the Environment and Compliance

Veolia Environmental Services provides integrated hazardous waste collection and treatment services to a wide range of industries and commercial businesses. Our commitment to safety, the environment and compliance is demonstrated by:

  • OSHA recordable injury and lost time injury case rates that are respectively 22% and 47% lower than the NAICS group average
  • A sustainable approach to services that allowed one customer with 250 tons of hazardous waste annually to reduce direct CO2 emissions from 235.3 tons per year to just 29 tons annually, while avoiding an additional 102.5 tons of emissions compared to their previous supplier
  • Our compliance with MACT air pollution control regulations leads the industry, with Veolia achieving an exceedence rate of 0.18 per month over 76 months, versus a competitor who performed at exceedence rates of 29.4 per month over only 18 months
  • Preparation of periodic environmental reports, so you can verify the status of your waste at any time
  • Hazardous waste profiling
  • Hazardous waste collection, transfer and transportation
  • Treatment, recycling, incineration, recovery and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Online access to your account and waste information
  • Thirty-six 10-day in-transit facilities
  • Nonhazardous, agricultural waste
  • Medical waste
  • Electronics
  • Mercury waste
  • Laboratory chemicals
  • Controlled substances
  • Catalysts and reagents
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls
  • Low-level radioactive waste
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Process solids, liquids and sludges
  • Returned goods/off-spec/out-of-date products
  • Cylinders, propellants, explosives and pyrotechnics
  • Reclaimable organic solvents

Hazardous Waste Evaluations

Our Veolia Environmental Services team can assist you in evaluating and analyzing your hazardous waste removal and disposal requirements with a customized waste evaluation that includes:

  • Expert analysis of your specific type of hazardous waste
  • Waste stream identification
  • Facility waste audits
  • Consultation to determine optimum staffing, equipment, type and frequency of collection to fit the needs of your enterprise

Veolia Environmental Services maintains a proven record of compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations.

Veolia helps you:

  • Track your organization’s regulatory compliance via our Customer Information Management Solutions (CIMS)
  • Ensure that the handling, transport, recycling, reuse and disposal of all waste products meets state and federal regulations
  • Protect against liability

Integrated Services

Onsite Services

Onsite Services

Onsite services to support all your integrated waste management needs


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Advanced Disposal Services has taken over ownership and operations of Veolia’s solid waste business. If you have relied on Veolia for your home or business’s solid waste disposal or recycling services, or are interested in requesting new service, please visit Advanced Disposal’s website for further information

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